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My First blog post

Well this is it! After much prevarication, procrastination and the odd false start, I am finally dipping my elegant toes into the erotic writing waters. And to say I am excited and somewhat turned on by the prospect is such an under statement…

Whether anyone will read this, whether it gives me the fulfilment and purpose I crave, whether it takes me anywhere isn’t important… What is important is that I am doing it, I have started, I am typing these words, and I am loving it. The fire is back in my belly, the lust is building and I am buzzing.

You see, to the outside world, I am a calm, serious, sensible and so terribly middle of the road individual… Some would say a bit dull and boring if I’m honest…. But that version of me is the one that I want the world to see. I have always been shy, slightly anxious, desperate to fit in and be like everyone else. A proper introvert. I have allowed myself to slide through life without causing ripples or waves and attempting to please everyone else as I go along… Everyone apart from myself of course…

However the real me – the one in my head and my belly and between my legs, is a lurid, lusty, horny, filthy, confident, opinionated, slutty deviant. And I have decided to start paying attention to my slutty, filthy, sexy dreams – to cultivate them, enjoy them and share them in erotic stories, posts and maybe even a full novel… But let’s not get too carried away on my first blog post!

As I have got older, and ever so slightly wiser, I have realised that I have been doing a stunning job at keeping everyone else happy and content, while seriously neglecting my own well-being. Well that is about to change! This blog in fact, is the start of the process. This is all about me and my dirty thoughts, dreams and ambitions.

I plan to share my plans and progress and open up my inner sexiness to the world via this blog. I am sure the process is going to be positive and fun for me, and I hope you get a kick from it too. Please do leave me comments and feedback and maybe we can share this awakening and explore together…

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