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I’m a People Pleaser…

I guess I always knew, but it took a very good friend to point out to me that my primary goal in life was to please other people……..You see, I have an innate need to ensure everyone else is doing fine – Family, kids, at work – especially at work… You see, I am an introvert. Slightly shy, a little anxious, and amazingly good at not letting anyone know that I am anything but confident and in control. So I have spent my entire adult life looking after everyone else, so they have no need to look too closely at me… I am best described as a human chameleon, blending in perfectly so no-one notices I am there. I have been most comfortable that way so I can avoid being the centre of attention, not make a fuss, not be embarrassed or cause a conflict…

It stopped me in my tracks when my friend casually said – but you’re a People Pleaser, that’s what you do… It wasn’t an insult, wasn’t meant to be negative, just a comment in a mundane, everyday conversation…. Bam! It hit me… It was like a fog had lifted… It verbalised what I have known for a long time… It was the reason I have never really been truly happy. I have endured, and put up with, and tolerated, all because it has been easier and better for everyone else…

It was like a switch had been flicked in my head – Now, I am not saying I am transformed and am a different person overnight. Life and soul of the party, centre of attention… Of course not, this is the real world, however it has given me permission to start being who I really am inside… It is the reason I am writing this blog right now. It’s given me the courage to acknowledge the sinful and sexual side of me, that has been ignored for so long. I had never been truly happy in relationships as I had never explored my more adventurous side, never gave myself permission to let go, be dirty and erotic and acknowledge my lusty libido… Never been truly satisfied…. Always great at giving others pleasure – an attentive and giving partner…Never demanded it in return. Never explored the things that truly turned me on…

This “light bulb” moment has energised me. I am 10x more positive, upbeat, charged up and joyful. I am horny as hell too… 😉

I have given myself permission to explore and connect with myself and learn to put me first occasionally. I still try and please those around me, I genuinely like doing that, but I won’t be stressing quite so much if I don’t get it right. I will be having some me time too now…

And my first step has been to set-up this blog and my Twitter account (@iamlucyfox) and give myself permission to share my inner self with you all, and to have some fun doing it… I love the Twitter experience as you can be totally open, but in a safe way… I have been more smutty, and dirty and direct and horny  in the past 2 days than in my entire life, and seem to be permanently turned on…That’s got to be a good thing, right?

So, come on this voyage of discovery with me, share with me as I discover and celebrate my inner sex slut, help and guide me, and (hopefully) enjoy the stories I will create and share the joy.

Love Lucy. x

PS – Please do leave comments and feedback – I love it, and you will be doing something for me(!) I am a sponge right now and love the new interaction I have with the world, and want to grow and learn from you all…


2 thoughts on “I’m a People Pleaser…

  1. Hello people-pleaser says another people-pleaser. I know all about not putting myself first but also about the light bulb moment, because I too had it and ever since my life has changed. I am now not only pleasing people, but also myself. Love to follow this journey you are on 🙂

    Rebel xox

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