Erotic Stories

Marie’s Massage

You were already on the couch when I entered the room. Face down, naked, with a luxurious fluffy towel covering your bottom. Head resting on your hands. You look sideways at me as I come in and smile warmly. We have never met, but there is an instant connection between us. We both feel it. I see a slight shiver run through your body and I feel it too… I am going to enjoy giving this massage.
I know you have booked in for a back rub, and something tells me this is going to be a rub to remember… The room is warm, quiet and relaxing. candles flicker in the alcoves and soft music floats in the air. I warm my hands and select a lightly scented and sensual massage oil, and work a generous amount of the liquid into my hands. Without a word, I approach you, and gently take each arm and place them along your sides. You settle your head into the couch and close your eyes, the hint of a wicked smile on your lips.
I start at the base of your neck, where it joins the shoulders and in slow, languid circles, I work down your back. You are surprised at my touch. It is expert, just the right amount of pressure, the perfect speed, lingering in all the right places. Finding the sensitive parts of your skin, that even you weren’t aware of. I work slowly, taking my time, no rush.
Travelling slowly from your neck down to the edge of the fluffy towel at the base of your spine. I instinctively knew you would not have resisted if I had gone lower, but I was in the mood to tease and I was in control… This would happen my way. I broadened my strokes and gently, with feather light fingertips, I trace down the sides of your body, both sides at the same time. From just near the top of your arm, down your side, flirting with the edge of your pert breasts, and down to your waist… I could see instantly this was turning you on. You had been relaxed and almost purring with pleasure with my  strokes, but now your skin was tingling and little shivers were running through you… Even your breathing had changed. Not as deep, your breath catching as I brush the most sensitive areas on the edge of your breasts. I knew then that you were mine, and I could have my way with you and you would be powerless to resist. In fact we both knew you wouldn’t make any attempt to resist. You wanted me as much as I needed to take you…
I trace circles across your back now, slightly more pressure, using all my fingertips to maximise the touch on your skin. You have never been touched like this before and it is driving you crazy. Your hips are starting to twitch, slowly moving as you grind into the couch. You are acknowledging the feeling rising urgently between your legs. You are wet and getting wetter and don’t want this sweet torment to stop.
 Instinctively we both know it is time for you to turn over.
I step back from the couch, giving you space to turn over and, more importantly, allowing me a full view of your sexy body. You lift yourself onto your elbows and slowly, oh so slowly, you turn to face me. Our eyes lock and are mirrors reflecting the lust and desire we are feeling for each other. Without breaking our gaze you lower yourself back down to the couch. I catch my breath, and take a moment to admire you as you lay, almost fully naked before me, just a tiny towel barely covering your middle. You are magnificent! Even more beautiful in real life than I could possibly have imagined. Your pert breasts with the distinctive flower tattoo above. Your curves in all the right places. Obviously I had seen pictures of you, everyone has, you are the famous Marie after all. You are stunning, irresistible and downright gorgeous.
I move back closer to you, our eyes still locked, and instinctively lean forward and kiss you gently, full on the lips. So brazen and direct for someone who has known you barely half an hour, but it seemed the most natural and right thing to do. You respond and we kiss deeply, tongues exploring with ever increasing urgency… I reluctantly break off the kiss and with a wink tell you to be patient. I still have a massage to finish…
 I turn my attention back to your body and go back to work, starting with gently easing the tension from your arms. Working from your fingertips. From your bright red painted nails all the way up to your shoulders and then feather light touches into the base of your neck and lightly stroking under your chin… you are fully relaxed, your eyelids heavy and you are in a dreamy state. The combination of the heavenly massage strokes and the unexpected and surprisingly passionate kiss have made you tingle in all the right places. Your breathing is deep again and you are focused only on the moment and the urges building deep in your core.

I gently, almost lovingly, push the shining auburn hair back from your neck and instead of caressing with my delicate fingers, as you were expecting, I nuzzle and gently kiss you. I trace the base of your neck and up to your chin with deliciously slow and sensuous kisses. You sigh and gently arch your back in pleasure. I can’t fail to notice your nipples are hardening, swelling and you are fully aroused. Your hips are very slightly rocking and it is clear you have that familiar ache and urge in your belly… my massage is having exactly the effect I had hoped and we both know you want me and you want me now…I turn my attention back to your delicious body and return to using my delicate soft fingers to tease your skin. I run light touches from your neck down your chest, gently tracing the outline of the flower tattoo above your breast. Tracing the ink, enjoying the curves and swirls of the design. Teasing you. You are desperate for me to touch your breasts but I resist and build your desire even further, tormenting you more and more.

I trace the sensitive parts of your upper body, your sides, the valley between your breasts and continue to tease… you start to say something and I instantly place my finger to your lips. NO! You must wait. I am in control, and I will decide when you will receive your release…. I trace all over your upper body and finally when you are squirming and moaning in frustration, I lightly, oh so lightly brush both your nipples in unison. You jolt up off the couch in pleasure and your breath quickens. In time with your breathing I circle your nipples and the sensitive skin around them until they are rock hard and swollen. I can’t resist now and have to take them one by one into my mouth and suck and nip at them. This is driving you crazy and you want me between your legs.

You cannot be kept waiting any longer.

Of course I have other ideas and will work at my own pace, no matter how quickly you want to move me on. However I too have needs and I want you as much as you want me. I am trying to keep my own urges in check but it is increasingly difficult. There is an animal attraction between us that neither of us expected and we certainly can’t ignore. I so wanted to drive you mad with frustration and desire but knew that I couldn’t wait any longer either and needed to have you myself.

My hands leave your breasts and trace their way lower, reaching the small towel…and I slowly slide my fingertips under the edge and trace along. I am tickling your waist and tracing down your hips. You squirm and wriggle. Electricity surging through your body. You are totally in the moment and the only thing in your mind is the desire coursing through your body. You need release and you need it now.

I take you by surprise and you squeal in delight as I whip the towel away and toss it to the floor. This sudden change of pace excites you even more and you know you are close to getting the release you so desperately need. However you have an equally unexpected surprise for me. You are now naked in front of me and you waste no time in opening you thighs and exposing yourself fully. I gasp as I see the sculpted butt plug filling your arse. You dirty girl! You grin a wicked grin, eyebrows raised, and wiggle your hips provocatively, expectantly…

I pause and savour the moment. I am burning with desire for you now. All my senses are alive. The sight of you on your back, legs apart ready for me, the sound of your breathing coming short and fast, the touch of your skin under my fingertips, the fragrant smell of your pussy, now exposed, wet and ready. The only sense missing was taste… Not to be denied, I ran my finger from your belly button straight down your navel, no standing on ceremony. Direct now. Urgent.  My finger slips easily into you. You are sopping wet and your pussy juices are already leaking and glistening on your thighs.  I slide a finger deep inside you. I remove it and  taste your sweet, sweet nectar. I quickly put my finger back inside you and then bring my wet and dripping finger to your lips. I have always been turned on by a woman enjoying her own taste and this time was no exception. You hungrily lap your own juice from my finger. This wanton act triggers a primal lust in me and I can’t wait any longer.

I pounce on you and bury my face between your legs. I hungrily lick and lap you. I grab your knees and push your legs further apart exposing your pussy completely. So erotic – your pussy open and your arse filled with the plug. I open your pussy lips with my fingers and lick expertly round the outside working up to find your hard and eager clit. My tongue circles it slowly at first. At the same time I reach down and find the tail for your plug and gently rock it back and forth. You are moaning in pleasure and have given yourself completely to me, trusting me fully. You grab my hair with both hands and push my head deeper in, while I lick you. My tongue is working it’s magic on your clit and I know you are close to a strong climax. I increase the speed with your plug and when I know you are ready, I plunge two strong, skilled fingers into your pussy and reach up and immediately hit your g spot and rub hard. You scream. Arch your back, close your thighs holding me in place and a massive orgasm explodes through your body. Your pussy clamps and pulses on my fingers. Your arse clenches and your clit becomes so sensitive. Wave after wave of pleasure hits you. Your pussy is flooded with sweet juice and it pours from you. It’s all over my face, your thighs, the couch. But we hardly notice. I continue to pleasure you, not stopping until I sense the orgasms have finally started to ease.

I slowly pull back from between your legs, my face, neck and chest are soaked in your juices, literally dripping from my chin. I stare deep into your eyes, a lusty smile on my face. I am such a slut. We are both such sluts. I took almost as much pleasure from the experience as you did. My pussy is soaking and aching too. You are flushed and panting and only slowly recovering from the unbelievable climax you have just enjoyed.
You smile wantonly and hold my stare, we both know that you will soon be returning the favour and that you will enjoy pleasuring your new friend just as much as she has enjoyed face fucking you.
To be continued…

8 thoughts on “Marie’s Massage

  1. I love this even more than I did the first time. Like eye said, you have a wonderful eye for details and it’s one of the reasons this is a very hot piece of writing. It definitely turned me on 😉

    Rebel xox

    PS: thanks for your sweet words!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Clearly you have been a big inspiration this week and it is my pleasure to be able to return the favour and turn you on twice 💋. Am inspired to write and write and write


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