A glimpse of cleavage…


Cleavage – An odd word really. Dictionaries will tell you that to cleave is to split or sever; not very sexy… Cleavage can mean a split or a gap, and that is where the meaning has come from for the delicious and tantalising gap between a woman’s breasts…

This image highlights the principle I have believed for a long time… The principle that less is more when it comes to being sexy. A woman’s curves are seductive and sexy, a hint, a flash, a glimpse,  are more sexy and erotic and arousing than an explicit or full on view of your sexy bits.

Let the imagination do some work, and it will become so much more intense a reaction, so much sexier. Let the power of their imagination turn them on and give a much more profound and powerful excitement reaction…

Happy Sinful Sunday

Love Lucy xx

Sinful Sunday

11 thoughts on “A glimpse of cleavage…

  1. Interesting origin or the word and perfect illustration of its meaning. As for less is more, there is definitely something to be said for that but I find both less and more to be very sexy just in different ways.


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