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Katy & Irene – A spark to a flame…


Katy and Irene were kindred spirits, peas in a pod if you will. They had met by pure chance in the online world of blogging, Twitter and erotic fiction writing forums. Katy couldn’t quite believe the connection they had made so quickly. They had just clicked. As soon as they had started to exchange messages, they had been drawn to each other. Irene had been writing and blogging for a few years and was happily producing short stories, romantic fiction and the occasional erotic story. Katy on the other hand was the new kid on the block. A complete novice, but with an urge to write and explore her innermost thoughts and desires through the medium of erotic stories. It had taken Katy months, if not years, of angst and deliberation to build up the courage to enter this exciting and slightly scary world, but once she had finally taken the decision, she jumped in with gusto and an enthusiasm that had surprised even her.

Katy knew that she had a lot in common with Irene as soon as they started chatting online. They were both ladies who would have been described as respectable, responsible, career women. If both were honest with themselves, they could actually have been described as a little prim, proper, always doing the right thing. Yet both of them had another side to their character. The real Katy and Irene were sexy, confident, dirty and flirty. They had sexual urges that were powerful and at times downright distracting. Neither had truly acknowledged this other side of their character and had always done their best to suppress the feelings when they surfaced; Pushed them back down; pretended they weren’t important; never gave them permission to exist. If truth be told, both were slightly afraid of acknowledging this side of their character. Frightened of what might happen if they gave these thoughts and feelings the light of day…What would happen to their organised and settled lives…?

All this was about to change in the most unexpected and dramatic of ways. Looking back, both would point to Katy as the main protagonist – the driving force behind the chain of events that would lead them both astray and unleash their inner sluts from deep within. Katy knew she was bolder and more confident than her new friend, but if ever challenged on this, would have quickly pointed out, that Irene hadn’t needed much encouragement, had just needed Katy to nudge her in the right direction. However there was no question that it was Katy who had turned the key and opened the door to the daring and exciting world that changed their lives forever.

It had started innocently enough. Katy started looking online at erotice fiction websites, following fiction writers and bloggers online. She had been amazed at the number of people out there, all in a similar position to her. Varying degrees of experience and if truth be told, an eye watering variety of interests and tastes. Katy knew that she had a strong sex drive. Had always enjoyed her, sadly limited, sexual experiences and often thought of herself as kinky and possibly even slightly deviant… Two hours online in her new world and she realised she had a very long way to go before she could be considered even remotely deviant! There was a mind bending array of fetishes, genres and interests to cater for all tastes… Katy very quickly sensed that Irene had the same repressed sexuality as she did… After all, why were they being anonymous and secretive about their story writing. Many of the other people she had seen online were very much the opposite – Loud and Proud of their sexuality and not caring about anyone else and what they might think… This quickly became a topic of conversation between them and they both agreed that they felt free and empowered to be themselves much more due to the anonymity. They both found it liberating. Katy also found it a turn on. She was surprised at her feelings, but as she looked at more blogs and websites and explored the erotic world of fantasies and stories, she became more and more aroused and let her innermost feelings bubble to the surface. The fact she could interact with people, chat and share her real feelings and thoughts, all without fear of being judged or criticised, was something she had never been able to do before. Katy was a shy, introverted person in the real world. She worried about what people thought of her, not wanting to be different or stand out from the crowd. In her new virtual world Katy was bold and daring and flirty and dirty and direct and no-one cared. They accepted her at face value and loved her openness and bubbly, naughty side. In fact they positively encouraged her and this filled Katy with confidence and enthusiasm to explore further and really challenge her insecurities and the feelings she had been pushing down for years.

Katy was one of those people who made sure everyone around her was OK; had what they needed; were having fun. Very happy with her own company, not asking  much from others and needing to be on her own from time to time to recharge her batteries. However she had this whole other side too. She referred to herself as a closet exhiitionist, an introverted extrovert. If people knew what she was really thinking, what dirty thoughts and fantasies she was harbouring, they would have been shocked. Katy had always had a very healthy sex drive, a lusty libido, but never showed this side of herself to the outside world, never having the confidence to act on the thoughts that were often in her mind. Behind the quiet and respectable persona, Katy was wanton, dirty and sex mad. Deep down she had always known this, but had tried to ignore it and suppress her urges, frightened about what might happen if she acknowledged them and, heaven forbid, do something about them…

Irene and Katy talked at length about Katy’s feelings. Irene completely understood how Katy felt. They were very similar in so many ways. Irene was quiet and conservative too, though had enjoyed a little more fun in her younger days and was slightly more open about her feelings towards sex than Katy. They chatted back and forth and shared their thoughts on this subject and encouraged each other to be bolder and more daring. Katy blogged about her feelings and the unexpected nature, the unintended consequences, of her decision to write erotic stories – she hadn’t written a single paragraph of a story yet, but instead had spent her time  writing about how the experience was making her feel, the change in her thinking, the thoughts and fantasies she was now having and how her energy levels and sexuality seemed to have gone through the roof. It quickly dawned on them that they had found an online confidant and friend with whom they could truly and openly share their real feelings. They joked about this often. They were each others online BFFs – Sinful Sisters who could be dirty and depraved and horny together online. Katy was thrilled at finding someone she could share her most personal thoughts and feelings with and not feel embarrassed or guilty.

Their conversations increasingly focused on sex. Less about the art and craft of story writing and more about their own sexual fantasies… Katy initiated many of the early exchanges, but Irene quickly started to enjoy developing them and shared more secret feelings with Katy than she had with anyone in her real life. They discussed their most intimate thoughts, their dirtiest fantasies and kinky dreams. It felt fantastic, exciting, erotic, to tell each other things that nobody else knew. They started to send each other fantasy scenarios about them having fun together in all sorts of outrageous and naughty situations. Pleasuring each other in lesbian fantasies, or Katy joining Irene and her husband in a threesome, having sex in public places… Ever more daring. Their flirting and messages got ever more wild and erotic. They described exactly what they would do to each other in these exchanges in explicit detail, knowing it made the other one incredibly aroused. They would then tell the other one to go and pleasure themselves and report back exactly how they had done it. Their behaviour was wanton and anyone from their real lives would have been shocked had they known what they had been sending back and forth. Would never have guessed at how filthy and sexually confident the pair had become. Of course, part of the reason they could behave in this way was they felt safe and secure in their online fantasy world. It wasn’t real after all. However, if they had been honest with themselves, both women knew the feelings they had awoken deep in their core were very real and were becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

The catalyst that changed their relationship, and in fact their whole lives, was Katy calling Irene a slut! They had been having a particularly dirty exchange of messages, sharing how horny they were feeling and what needed to be done about it, and Irene had described a particularly erotic fantasy involving her wearing only her highest, stilettos, stockings and suspenders, and exactly what she intended to do to her unsuspecting husband when he came upstairs for bed. This had really turned Katy on. Not just being able to picture the scene in her vivid imagination, but knowing that Irene would never have shared these thoughts with anyone before, let alone even had the courage to perform the things she was describing, even with her husband. And here she was, telling Katy in graphic detail and both of them getting aroused with it. Katy shot back a message and called Irene a dirty slut, and how she wished she could see the look on her husband’s face when he walked through the door; and also the smile on his face later when Irene had finished with him. It had seemed to Katy a natural thing to say… Confirming her friend’s wanton feelings and dirty plans for that evening. Irene however had been shocked and hurt by Katy’s description of her. A slut was a terrible thing to call her. She wasn’t a slut. Slut’s were promiscuous, and sleazy. Not like Irene at all.

She sent a message straight back to Katy saying she really didn’t like that description of her and she definitely wasn’t a slut – how could Katy think that? In the real world, Katy would have been mortified to have offended her friend in such a way and would have beaten herself up, not knowing what to do next. But in a moment of absolute clarity she knew she was right and with confidence sent an instant reply back to Irene. No – Irene was wrong to think that. Katy saw herself as a dirty slut in her fantasies. Giving herself permission to have her dirty sexual thoughts and get excited by her lusty fantasies. It didn’t mean she was going to act on any of them, didn’t mean she was hurting anyone. She was just being her true self in her head. This was all Irene was doing, and that having this smoking hot fantasy about her husband, and then acting on it was the most positive and powerful thing imaginable. Something they would both enjoy and would spark their sex life to a whole new level. How could that be a negative or bad thing…? Irene read the message angrily, still upset and hurt by her friend. Slowly however she came round to Katy’s way of thinking. She thought about the context Katy had explained when calling her a slut. She sent a message back and said she could see her point of view and that on reflection she wasn’t as offended as she first thought. It was all about context. Calling her a slut in the way that she had, Katy had actually been paying her a compliment.

Before they knew it, their messages started to focus more and more on teasing each other with erotic images and dreams of what they would love to do to each other in this virtual fantasy world they had created. They were sending explicit and downright filthy messages back and forth, getting each other very aroused, and gently nudging the boundaries with ever more dirty suggestions. It wasn’t long before their exchanges were XXX rated and incredibly erotic. They progressed quickly to describing what they would do to each other if they met, delighting in the freedom of being in the virtual world where anything could be said. They let their imaginations run wild. Their fantasies grew and grew. Katy was invited to have wild sex with Irene’s husband while she watched, they imagined threesomes with Jessica, one of Katy’s friends… Nothing was off limits. The sexual tension was delicious and exhausting. Katy took it on herself to make sure Irene had at least one orgasm every day for a week, purely from the messages and dirty talk she sent to her… Irene loved it, but was exhausted and her pussy was downright sore by the end of it…Damn, Katy was good, and knew just how to get her wet and frustrated, and needing to take care of herself.

When they weren’t rampantly turning each other on with their wild fantasies Katy would chat with Irene about her frustrations, and that her only release from this sexual torture was her own fingers or favourite toy. The excitement she had built up with Irene was unbearable and her acts of self-pleasure hardly took the edge off her, almost, constant frustrations… Katy was divorced and lived on her own, and it had been a very long time since she had enjoyed any form of physical pleasure with someone else. Irene tried to help her online friend by spicing things up and sending erotic pictures showing scenes like the ones they had been describing, telling Katy that it was them in the pictures, but it only served to heighten Katy’s feelings and desire even further. She was being driven mad by it all. Mad, but in the most wonderful and all consuming way…

Slowly but surely the conversation turned to what it might be like to actually meet up in real life. To actually perform one of their fantasies together. This was dangerous territory. They had agreed wholeheartedly at the beginning of their friendship that this would never happen, and they would always keep the two worlds very separate. Indeed, they had never sent a picture of themselves to the other, never spoken, didn’t know where the other one lived. Knew nothing about their real worlds.

Little by little though they teased each other with the thought of how it would feel to actually meet and act out one of their fantasies. Although the idea shocked them both, it thrilled them with equal measure. This was forbidden, against the rules. But the feelings they had unlocked in each other simply couldn’t be ignored. They were powerful and distracting and both women knew, deep down, that a lust had been awakened in them…Neither of them had ever had any sexual feelings for another woman. Irene had kissed another girl at University as part of a drunken night out, but that was the full extent of either of their experiences. It was unnerving and tantalising to both of them that they now had such powerful urges directed towards another woman, one they hadn’t even met… The feelings were not to be ignored and nibbled away deliciously at their inhibitions and reservations.

It was Katy (always the bolder of the two) who crossed the line, and suggested they should meet up…

she had finally got home after a long and particularly stressful day in the office, poured herself a very large glass of wine, filled the bathtub with hot bubbly water, and settled back for a long soak to help her unwind. To distract her mind from the pressures of her day, she started the most naughty and erotic of exchanges with Irene. She let her dirty mind wander and imagined them meeting up in a hotel, finding each other irresistibly attractive, and having an amazing night of  rampant sex together. After describing this encounter in explicit and glorious detail, with the pair of them fully aroused, and horny as hell, she fired off a message saying that they should do it – just the once, and have a wild night together they would never forget.

The moment she had pressed send, she regretted it. How could she have been so stupid? Irene would probably block her immediately, never speak to her again. This was against the rules. She had overstepped the boundaries… Probably lost her dirty online soulmate in one stupid message. The conversation went quiet. No reply from Irene… seconds turned into minutes. They had been furiously messaging back and forth, replies flying back almost instantly… Now just an empty silence, a blank screen. Katy lay in the warm bathwater staring at her phone…what an idiot she had been. She always took things too far. Messed things up. The old familiar feelings of anxiety and insecurity starting to creep back in. She hadn’t felt like this since meeting Irene. Annoyed and disappointed in herself, Katy got out of the bath, slung her phone on the bed and attempted to distract herself by combing and drying her long black hair, oiling her skin and getting ready for bed… Half an hour went by and no reply from Irene. Katy idly skimmed through her Twitter feed, barely registering the chatter, puns and innuendo that previously would have captivated and amused her. She climbed into bed snuggling under the duvet, and tried to push thoughts of Irene from her mind. Tomorrow was another day. Maybe she could apologise and pretend she had been joking; caught up in the moment.. She tried to sleep.

At some point Katy must have drifted off to sleep, though her slumbers were fitful and restless. She tossed and turned, getting snagged up in the duvet and eventually waking herself as she had managed to completely tangle herself in a knot… It was 03:30. She reached for her phone on the bedside table. It was an instinctive action, part of her obsession with her smartphone and the fantasy world that lay within… The screen lit up bathing Katy’s face in it’s glow. Her heart skipped as she saw the little notification icon for Twitter… It was a message. It had to be Irene! She paused a moment, shook the last vestiges  of sleep from her tired mind and forced her eyes to focus properly. With more than a little trepidation, she opened the message… – I’ve been thinking about what you said. My instant reaction was NO! we can’t possibly meet in real life, but I can’t get the thought out of my head, and something deep down inside me is telling me to be daring, have no regrets, and say – Yes… Were you serious or just teasing me? If you want to meet and share one night together, and I mean just one night, then I think I am up for it… Katy’s stomach lurched, a myriad of emotions flooded through her, twisting together, multiple thoughts all fought at once to get to the front of her mind – Oh my God, they were really going to meet – This is wrong, we should keep our worlds separate – it’s only one night – I’ve never been with a woman before – what will it be like – will it ruin our friendship…? The thoughts sparked across her brain… Any chance of further sleep  evaporated, and in the end, Katy got up, wrapping herself in her dressing gown, and padded down to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. She sat nursing her drink, composing message after message to send back to Irene. Deleting each one as it didn’t say what she needed it to, didn’t express her true feelings. Calm down Katy, and get yourself under control. Focus, she told herself. Finishing her tea, she typed the following into the message box and before she could change her mind, she hit send –

I meant it. One night of passion we will remember forever. Let’s do it.

That was it, she had sent it! She leant back in the chair and let out a big sigh. She was nervous, excited, expectant, all at the same time. Despite the myriad of reservations and the little voice in her head telling her this was wrong, Katy knew this was exactly what she wanted and was thrilled with herself that she had been bold and daring. In that moment, she knew that life would never be the same again.

Settling back in her chair, a wicked grin slowly spread across her face as she let her imagination run wild and dream of the meeting to come. Instinctively her hand slipped under her robe, her whole body aching with desire and anticipation, and almost without realising what she was doing, her hand slid between her legs and she thrust two fingers straight into her warm, wet pussy. Her first orgasm was almost immediate and beautifully intense. Pleasure exploding through her body, radiating in waves, from head to toe. She  urgently worked her fingers in and out of her drenched pussy, while simultaneously rubbing her hard and swollen clit,  expertly riding the orgasms, taking herself over the edge time after time.

Oh yes, she was definitely going to enjoy this very much indeed.
To be continued…..

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