Erotic Stories · Katy & Irene

The day arrives


As soon as they made the bold decision to meet up in real life, Katy and Irene both felt the change in their relationship. Somehow it felt different; more exciting; daring. What they were going to do was forbidden, dangerous even. Both knew that it could have implications and would inevitably cause ripples in their settled lives, but neither cared, and wanted to do this more than anything they had wanted in a very long time.

Katy and Irene had met online and had quickly been drawn to each other. Kindred spirits. Online they were anonymous, safe, and could be themselves without fear of embarrassment or shame. They  created and shared a fantasy world of illicit sexual encounters, erotic stories and dirty liaisons. They were both normal, respectable women on the outside, but underneath their prim and proper exteriors, a sexual fire burned inside them. They had wild and wanton urges and filthy dirty minds.

One fateful night after a particularly steamy exchange of messages, in a wild, impulsive moment, Katy had suggested they meet up, just for one night, and turn fantasy into reality. It was a momentous decision that would change them both forever and send seismic ripples, not only through their sexually charged bodies but through every aspect of their lives…

They set a date. It was a month ahead. Irene’s husband was away on business, babysitters available for the kids. Neither of them had done anything secretive or illicit like this before, and the excitement was intoxicating. The forbidden nature adding another dimension to the tension and excitement.

Katy agreed to make all the arrangements. After all it had been her idea to meet up, and she preferred being in control. She also knew she would enjoy the process of deciding where they would meet, how it would work… She daydreamed of what it would be like, all the little details; which hotel should she choose, how would they first meet and greet each other, how would they remain discreet with the other guests, would they have the courage to actually do what they had been fantasising about…… Katy had a tendency to overthink things, and her mind was in overdrive on this one.

As with everything in her life Katy was meticulous with the planning. She chatted with Irene about where she would like to go, what general area would be convenient, what type of hotel did she fancy? It was weird making arrangements with someone she knew so little about. Didn’t know where Irene lived, what things she liked and didn’t like in real life, hell, they didn’t even know what the other one looked like! However, despite feeling slightly surreal about the whole thing, Katy loved the clandestine and secret nature of what they were doing. Noone in their real lives knew anything about this secret world they now enjoyed. This added an edge of danger and excitement which Katy loved and she got a real thrill from planning their night of passion.

She chose a hotel in the area suggested by Irene. It was one of the big chains. Mid budget. Perfect for what they needed. It was big enough that they could be anonymous, lost in the crowd, no questions asked. It had a bar and a restaurant and did room service (well you never know, we might not want to waste time and leave the room for food, thought Katy!) Katy made the reservation online and sent the details back to Irene… Both of them felt the sexual tension ratchet up even further in their exchanges. Having a date and a place to meet made the whole thing very real, and their bodies and minds were buzzing with anticipation. They had two weeks until their date. They both saw it as a date. A blind date almost, but a blind date with someone they felt they already knew intimately. It was confusing and exciting all at the same time. This was so different to their normal behaviour.. Neither of them had had an affair, or even a one night stand in the past. They had been boring, respectable girls and then wives, and led very mundane sex lives. This was definitely new territory, but it felt right. Exactly what they wanted and needed to do.

The two weeks seemed to last forever. They decided to reduce their communication down to a single message at the end of each day. They knew this would heighten the desire and anticipation of what was to come. Didn’t do much for their ability to carry on as normal with their lives in the meantime. It definitely put a spring in their step and an ache in their pussies, but time dragged; they were like little kids waiting for Christmas Day.

After what seemed an eternity, the fateful day arrived. Katy had taken the day off work, it was a Friday, so she could enjoy the process of getting herself ready for the adventure to come. She lived on her own following her divorce, so she had the place to herself and could really take her time, no questions asked. She wasn’t sure how Irene would be arranging her day. She had a husband to see off in the morning, kids to school, arrangements for everyone else to sort out before she could think about herself. Katy didn’t envy her that hassle, and set out to really enjoy the process of getting herself ready for their big night. She felt like a teenager again, a very naughty teenager. She really was enjoying the illicit nature of what they were doing, Was surprised at just how arousing it was.

First things first, Katy went for a run. She loved running, had always run. It kept her fit and healthy, but more importantly, Katy had worked out a long time ago that running kept her sane. She led such a busy, full on life. Her mind was always going nineteen to the dozen. Things to be done, worries, anxieties, self doubt, all clamouring away at her. When she was out running, always in the fresh air, never a boring treadmill in a stuffy gym, her mind relaxed, she could quieten down the negative thoughts, get everything in perspective. It was her therapy and it was always the best way to start the day. Katy ran hard, enjoying pushing herself, working her body, and cleansing her mind. She arrived back at her flat panting, hot and sweaty. Just like she would be later on top of Irene, she thought, a wicked grin on her face…

Shower time next. Katy drank a big glass of water, went through her post run stretching routine and cranked the shower up as hot as she dare. She loved the sting of the scalding hot water on her skin, always had done. She stood under the stream and let the water flow over her. Eyes closed she let herself imagine what tonight would be like. Instantly she was horny. She hadn’t thought about Irene while on her run, but now she couldn’t get her out of her mind. Her pussy was wet, nipples hard and she had that lovely familiar ache between her legs…. She slid her hand down over her firm belly and slipped a finger inside herself… Stop Katy! She snapped out of the gorgeous picture she had created in her head. Quickly removed her finger and focused back on the shower. Plenty of time for pleasure later. She had vowed she would not play with herself at all today. She wanted to be at her horniest best later for Irene. Reluctantly Katy turned her attention back to her shower. She slowly washed every part of her body. Washed and combed her long dark hair, used her favourite bubbles on her skin, paying particular attention to her breasts and between her legs. She ignored the ache in her body as she gently caressed herself as she cleaned. It would be so easy to play and give herself relief, but she managed to resist and finished her shower without any further play.

She took her time on her beauty regime, no need to rush. She wanted to enjoy the anticipation. Taking her oversized towel from the heated rail, she wrapped herself in it, enjoying it’s warmth and fluffiness. While all wrapped up she focused on her long dark hair. Combing it through, drying it slowly and making it shine deeply. Hair done, she slipped out of the towel, taking a long look at herself in the full length mirror at the end of the bed. For someone nearer to 50 than 40, she wasn’t in bad shape, even if she said so herself… tall, and slim. She had a runner’s body with long limbs and lean muscles. She was particularly pleased with her tummy. She wasn’t in the same league as a twenty-something gym bunny, but she didn’t look too bad, all things considered. If only she had more curves. Katy would have traded a little of her leanness for bigger breasts and more shape to her bum. She had always been jealous of curvy girls who could flirt with their cleavage and curves…. She sighed, and took a last look. What would Irene think? Would she find Katy attractive? Equally Katy wondered what Irene would be like… Would she be all killer curves, or long and lean like Katy, would she be big and vivacious or petite and delicate. It was a strange feeling for Katy. She had no idea at all… And it excited her…. Very much.

Turning her attention back to her preparations, Katy carefully applied moisturising cream to her body. Taking her time to massage her long legs, her arms and shoulders, and then enjoyed the sensations as she rubbed the cream gently into her breasts and down across her tummy. It would have been so easy to have got distracted again at this point, but Katy managed to maintain her focus and moved on to fixing her make up. She had been always been blessed with good skin, and had never needed to wear much make up, never had been a girly girl if she was honest. She applied some eyeliner and eye shadow, quick blush of the cheeks and she was ready. Lipstick would come later, as she could never keep it on for more than 5 minutes, and she wanted to have full red, luscious lips for that moment when Irene saw her for the first time. Now time for her outfit. Not that she hadn’t thought about it much in the past 2 weeks…. She had thought of little else. What impression did she want to give? Sexy and hot, elegant and classy, relaxed and comfortable? She had changed her mind a thousand times, and even now she didn’t really know what she was going to wear. She flung the doors of her wardrobe wide open… Right Katy, make a decision… To buy herself another couple of minutes, she decided to choose her underwear first. This was an easier choice, and also depending on what she chose, it would narrow her options for the rest of her outfit. She rummaged through her underwear drawer and very quickly settled on a matching set; black, a tiny thong and a padded lacy bra. It gave her slightly more of a bust, and made her feel sexy. Underwear sorted, she forced herself to go back to the wardrobe and make a decision. She decided that she would show off her legs. She knew her long legs were one of her best assets and she wanted to show them off to Irene. She chose a black woolen dress. Short and tight fitting, the material had some stretch in it, and it would cling to her body. The hem finished a little above the knee. Short, but not too short. A high neckline and long sleeves. No cleavage. Yes, that was the right choice. Sexy but not tarty. Her Grandmother had given her advice many years ago when she started going out with boys; either have a short skirt or a low top, but never both at the same time. Always have some mystery and decorum and let them work for the prize… She had loved her Grandmother, and always suspected she had enjoyed much fun and frolics when she was younger…

Having decided on her dress, she also chose a sexy pair of shiny black heels to go with it, and a pair of sheer black hold-up stockings… Oh yes, they would make her feel very sexy indeed.

One by one she slowly rolled each stocking up her long legs. She took her time, enjoying the sensation of the silky material against her skin. She adjusted the tops, making sure they were comfortable and stayed in position. Both stockings in place, she slid the dress over her head and smoothed it down over her body. Putting the shoes on, she admired herself in the mirror. Damn she looked good. Exactly the look she was after. Hot and sexy, but with a touch of class. With a spritz of her favourite perfume she was ready to go.

She checked her overnight bag, made sure she had everything she needed. Final check round her flat, and she was off.

It would take her about an hour to get to the hotel. A leisurely drive. Katy would enjoy the journey. She was usually rushing everywhere – deadlines, meetings, endless things to do. Today she could enjoy taking her time and savouring the anticipation of what was to come. She thought she would be more nervous, worried about the consequences of what she was about to do, but she wasn’t at all. To her surprise she was feeling bold, positive, thrilled. No nerves at all, well not at this stage anyway. She had a buzz of excitement running through her. The naughty, forbidden side of what she was doing was definitely turning her on, and she couldn’t wait to get to the hotel. She returned her focus to the road, and made herself slow down. She had been daydreaming about what was to come and had inadvertently been speeding up, starting to rush. She smiled and forced herself to take a deep breath and calm her excitement. She was like a teenager again. And she liked it…

The rest of the journey was uneventful, and it wasn’t long before she was pulling into the hotel car park. They had agreed that Katy would arrive first, check in and get everything settled. Irene had definitely been more nervous about how it would work and what people might think about them arriving together. Katy preferred it this way as she liked to be in control, and could get things organised herself before Irene arrived in about an hour or so.

Katy grabbed her bag from the car and with her heels clicking on the path, made her way to Reception to check in. She was greeted by a young man on his own behind the Reception desk. He was a lot younger than Katy, and ordinarily she wouldn’t have given him a second glance. However she was so excited and horny she was seeing opportunity and innuendo at every turn. His name badge identified his name as Paul. Paul was actually kind of cute. Mid twenties, floppy hair over his eyes, a little shy, innocent looking. Katy’s mind drifted off to a scenario where Paul had just delivered her some room service and found her dressed in only her underwear and heels, and she had not allowed him to leave the room and was slowly unbuttoning his shirt…. Miss, can I help you? Katy’s attention snapped back. Slightly flustered, she realised that Paul had been speaking to her, and she had completely ignored him as she fantasised about jumping on him! God Katy, what are you doing? She flushed slightly and regaining her composure she flashed her sexiest smile and told Paul she was checking in. He efficiently looked up her booking, organising her key, informing her of the times for breakfast and dinner and explaining the various facilities the hotel had to offer. Katy listened politely and only slightly faltered when Paul asked her if there was anything else that he could help her with. Struggling to maintain her decorum she winked at him and said he had done everything she needed, and she knew where to find him if this changed. She was clearly flirting, and this time it was Paul who flushed slightly and dropped his eyes from Katy’s sexy stare. He mumbled something and handed over the key. Katy made sure their hands touched and she held on just a moment longer than needed. Thank you Paul, she breathed, and with a slight toss of her hair, she turned on her sexy heels and headed for the lifts.

Once in the room, she dropped her bag on the bed. She couldn’t believe how she had been with Paul. She was quiet, shy, reserved. Well usually she was all those things, but she had been confident and flirty with poor Paul. He certainly didn’t need a middle aged woman coming on to him. He would have lots of hot twenty somethings after him for sure… But still, this new bolder side of her character definitely excited Katy, and with what was about to happen with Irene, now was indeed the time to be bold and sexy.

Katy took a quick look round the room. Very standard for this type of hotel, and perfect for what they needed. Lovely big bed, good sized ensuite bathroom, with a lovely walk in shower cubicle. That might come in handy later she thought, the grin returning to her face. It wasn’t long now until she would be meeting Irene and this naughty adventure would move from fantasy to reality. It had started off so innocently only a few short weeks ago, and now look at where they were. Katy thought about it, and had no regrets or worries. Her conscience was clear. She was relaxed, happy and excited. Checking her watch, seeing she still had plenty of time, she unpacked the few things she had brought in her bag, tidying them away. She was a neat and tidy person, and didn’t want the room to be messy when Irene got here. Would Irene be one of those crazy, chaotic people, who left things everywhere, who drove Katy crazy, or would she be a neat freak like her? All these little details that Katy would usually know about a friend were missing. Well, it wasn’t long now and that would all change. Having finished her unpacking, Katy still had over half an hour before Irene was due to arrive. She was ready now. Expectant. Skittish even. Time was dragging very slowly. She decided on a change of plan. Impulsive Katy, not like you at all. She quickly fired off a message to Irene: I am all checked in. Room is lovely. Change of plan. Meet me in the bar when you get here. Katy xx. Bold Katy. I like it, she thought to herself. Now it was time for lipstick. She carefully applied the bright red colour to her lips and checked herself out in the mirror. Not bad. She smoothed her dress down, and with a final brush of her long hair, she was ready.

The bar was quiet, and on the other side of the lobby to Reception, so she didn’t get to see Paul this time. The bartender was an older lady, and even Katy in her sexually charged mood didn’t get the urge to flirt. She ordered a gin & tonic, and found a table in the far corner, quiet, but with a view of the entrance. She sat with her back to the wall so she would be clearly visible to Irene when she walked in. Not long now. She checked her phone. No reply to her message. That was OK, she would be driving. Katy sipped on her drink, letting the bubbles dance on her tongue. Only now did Katy get nervous. She felt a little knot forming in her stomach. No, it wasn’t a knot, it was butterflies. That was such a good description for nerves, she had always thought so. Lots of tiny butterflies were all fluttering their wings in her stomach. She took a deep breath, and a deep gulp of her drink. Not now Katy. Be bold, be ready. She didn’t have time to think anymore about the feelings in her stomach, as there she was… In walked Irene…. She saw Katy immediately and stopped in her tracks. Instinctively they both knew each other. For a split second they just stared. The attraction was instant and powerful. All nerves dissolved away. Irene was everything Katy had expected and more. She was very different to Katy, petite, curves in all the right places. Her hair brown and very short, almost cropped. She was dressed in skin tight jeans, heels and an off the shoulder top. Left shoulder on display where  the top had slipped down, lacy bra strap showing. She was hot. It was clear from the look on her face, the shallowness of her breath, the slight flush on her neck, that Irene was having similar thoughts about Katy.

Irene walked confidently across the bar and Katy rose from her seat. Irene held out her hand as she approached, and without a second thought, Katy took her hand and in the same movement she gently pulled Irene close and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Irene was slightly taken aback by the move, but it felt so right and she returned the kiss, to Katy’s cheek. That first touch, the brush of lips on their cheeks, the smell of their hair and their perfume. It was electric. Katy, then instinctively and without thinking, pulled Irene to her and kissed her full on the lips. It lasted but a brief moment and as they they looked into each other’s eyes they knew in that instant their lives had changed forever….

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