Voyage of Discovery

Forbidden frustrations…


With a title like that, I wonder if some of you have clicked on the link to read my blog, hoping for musings on naughty, kinky things I am unable to do for some reason or other; depraved acts my dirty little mind would love to do, but I haven’t got the courage to do (yet) in real life? And for those of you who know me, you KNOW that I love having depraved thoughts and have all sorts of sexy ideas going on in my head constantly…Sadly, if that is why you have clicked, that isn’t the subject matter for today’s blog post… However, if you would like to have more insight into my naughty little mind, leave me a comment or two at the end and if I get enough encouragement, I could be persuaded to share…😉

No, my Forbidden Frustration is centred around the fact that I am currently blocked from accessing Twitter, Facebook, Google, all forms of porn, and various other random parts of the Internet. And the reason for this censorship is the fact that I am enjoying a week in the amazing city of Shanghai. on a holiday, won in a Facebook competition! (Irony not lost on me) and here I am having a lovely trip and getting a real taste of China…

Since I started my Voyage of Discovery, my Blog and my erotic writing journey, I have been a voracious consumer of Twitter (in particular), Blogs and other sources of inspiration. Having landed in Shanghai and connected to the WiFi, I have become increasingly frustrated about the lack of access and the blatant restrictions being imposed. The firewall is indeed strong here. It is a very strange juxtaposition in what is clearly a very progressive and modern, buzzing metropolis, that such a draconian and direct censorship exists. Over a billion people in the country blocked or unable to access media that we take for granted and consume multiple times daily… For the local population this is something they are either completely OK with, as it is just the norm, or they have found ways round it with VPNs and other ingenious tricks.

For me, it is really frustrating. I have become used to participating and enjoying the community interaction on Twitter, reading and commenting on Blogs, chatting with like-minded ladies who turn me on (and some chaps too, of course) and generally being immersed in my new world. Having that denied to me is quite a jolt. I was aware that Google had pulled out of China, but hadn’t appreciated that Twitter and Facebook were blocked or that other random sites and content didn’t work. And when I say random, it really is random – so for example, email (on my non Gmail account) works OK, but you can’t download or open attachments. I refer you back to the title of this blog – Frustrating this is; especially as a particularly fun friend has sent me some very naughty photos to help tide me over while I am here, and has teased me nicely in the email, and now I am all turned on, and can’t view the pictures…. 😎

It is also frustrating as it is so alien to what we are used to in our cultures, and it is frustrating as I can’t chat and participate in my new world. However, I am sensing, a couple of days in, that it is not all completely bad, and elements, might also be good for me…. For several reasons – Having a digital detox from time to time is no bad thing; something a lot of us think about, but never quite get round to… More time to think and to look up and see the real world; Equally it reminds me just how lucky I am to live where I do. All to easy to take the freedom, openness and freedom of speech for granted; and last and by no means least, I will have a glorious backlog of tantalising messages, photos, tweets and more to gorge on when I get back on Sunday… Something to really look forward to when the holiday is over.

So, finishing up, with the jet lag kicking in, and the need to drift off to sweet (and naughty) dreams becoming ever stronger, I hope you weren’t too disappointed with my teasing title. Rest assured I am using my time wisely and thinking of lots of Forbidden things to write about with my Katy & Irene stories, and using my growing frustration to stoke up my sexy fire, so I will return red hot and raring to go….😘

Love and kisses

Lucy xx

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